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Mother Nature for Desk Jockeys
July 17, 2006, 6:37 pm
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Enjoy Mother Nature even if you’re a 9 to 5 Desk Jockey

 I am a fervent outdoor lover and will take my lunch to go at every available opportunity. Wherever I happen to work, I map out all possible parks and forest preserves within 10 minutes of my location. The bigger the better and the greener the better. I keep at least two foldable chairs in my car and use them whenever a shaded picnic bench is not available. I don’t actually have OCD but my chair location habits might suggest otherwise? I have to place my chair as far outside of the tree canopy as possible while still being in the shade of the tree to avoid being pelted by bugs and twigs as I sit and eat my food. The canopy is a very busy place for bugs and whenever they see me they seem to yell ‘bonzai’, then plummet from the canopy to lay claim my to my meal and they really don’t add anything to the flavor of the food. Hence, the chair placement.

As far as food is concerned, I usually brown bag a sandwich and chips or bring heated leftovers in a tupperware container. They both cut down on the amount of garbage I produce and are much better for my arteries than the usual drive thru fare I sometimes resort to on my way to the park. Also, since we watch the Food Network so much at home(especially during meals in the living room) we make some great food to bring as leftovers from the night before. Their web site has some great free recipes to choose from and Rachael Ray never disappoints us with her 30 minute meals. I also have my spartan lunches for workout days that consist of canned chicken or tuna on Ritz crackers and a can of vegetables (usually green beans) heated up in a microwaveable container. That gives me plenty of protein for the evening weight lifting and aerobic routines.

When I’m finished with my lunch I can pull out a good book and commence to chillin’ and maxin’ for the remainder of my lunch hour. Depending on the neighborhood I can either read and watch the passersby or just concentrate on reading. I also love to listen for the calls of my favorite city bird, the cardinal. The high pitched ‘peeps’ indicate that wildlife really does still exist in between the concrete and asphalt and is also capable of thriving if we just let them go about their day.
I’m a voracious reader of art, philosophy, metaphysical and personal development books and articles. The more theories and techniques the better. I prefer to read outdoors where the walls disappear and the birds occupy my left brain with their songs so my right brain can concentrate better on my reading. I learned about the whole left brain – right brain thing when I was taking oil painting classes and we had painting (soothing) music on to facilitate concentration on the tonal painting techniques necessary to complete our portraits or still lifes. It really does work.

The New Age stuff is really great for concentration and I’m a huge fan of the Musical Starstreams radio program which plays a wide variety of new age/jazz music by some really great musicians. It’s usually played at 10pm on Sunday nights on local station WNUA (smooth jazz). More on my favorite concentration/meditation music later. I’ve found some great free music downloads as well for painting/meditation/relaxation I’d love to share.

So, if you want to be a lunchtime Hippie just head out to a local park and commence the chillin’ and maxin’ and enjoy the free nature show or read a good book. It’s great for the heart and soul and re-energizes your human side if only for an hour.

Until next time ………


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