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Everything is Energy ; Energy is Everything !

  Energy flows eternally throughout our universe and is boundless beyond our imaginations as mere terrestrial beings.

As human beings we construct electromechanical devices (microchips and circuit boards) to regulate the flow of energy through electronic devices but still most refuse to believe that Universal energy exists. We physically contain energy in batteries and power plants by means of converting one form of energy into another more immediately useful form, yet still refuse to admit that the same energy that powers our technologies is flowing within all of us every moment of every day. Some refuse to believe because their religion considers Universal energy to be heresy or the whispers of the devil since energy has no form worthy of a deity? The pragmatic types see energy as a fantasy substance used by hippies to think about when they get high. They view it only as a power source for their laptops, cell phones and wide screen TV’s.

Our brains and hearts operate on electrical energy input as do our nervous systems and every other function of our body. It’s what makes our arms move and our eyes blink and our brains function. We use the term ‘take some time off to recharge your batteries’ yet we don’t connect the dots and realize that it is a true statement of fact as beings of this universe. Energy is everywhere, in everything and necessary to what we call ‘life’. When someone is ‘run down’ from expending too much energy they need to sit calmly without expending energy and reclaim the energy they lost before they can go on.

It’s just not cool or pragmatic for some human beings to envision our universe as a molecular soup with energy flowing throughout each of us, being exchanged by each of us then converted by each of us, as a means of locomotion through our universe. If our eye’s weren’t so primitive we might see things as they really are and we could then concentrate on our ‘energy selves’ instead of the primitive beings we see when using our primitive senses?

One day we may realize that our earth, our sun and the galaxy we live in as well as every other galaxy in our physical universe will someday be recycled by the same forces that created our primitive carbon selves in the first place. As energy beings we can and will live on forever in the formation of a new universe and in a new form of energy where our understanding will be limited only by the senses we develop to ‘see’ who we are and where we are.

Meditation is a great way to focus on our ‘energy beings’ as we have our eyes closed to shut off our primitive sense of sight and can therefore concentrate on ‘brain sight’ and the energy of our thoughts. When we can let go of the beast within we can ‘see’ our universe as it really is and with enough repetition and training we may be able to ‘see’ despite our primitive senses?

I have some great meditation music and guided meditations from Dragon Rising Publishing that I use nightly to regain some inner peace and control over stress and everyday life.

Try it out and enjoy your own journey through our world of energy.

Everything is Energy PART II


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In searching the internet trying to find someone who understands what I know in my heart and soul to be true, I came accross your site. I can see with my minds eye exactly what you write about. There is an energy that flows through everyone and everything. Like octaves of a piano, they can be manipulated. I have wondered if some unexplainable things can be explained by this energy. For example, when you feel someone stareing at you from behind, or when you think of someone/they are on your mind, and out of the blue they will call or contact you. I think it is this cosmic thread/cosmic energy/ cosmic consciousness/ or universal consciousness, whatever you may call it, that connects us and that is the cause of this. Does anyone understand me?

Comment by Chris Smith

Thanks for your comment Chris. If science is correct at all about atomic structure and molecular dynamics then we are all living in a molecular soup in which energy is being exchanged eternally at the speed of light between ‘beings’ and the universal energies. At some point energy manipulation as a means of existence may be the ‘future’ for us all as beings?

I wrote a continuation of this article at that you may want to read. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Comment by dfryer

Chris, you hit the nail on the head. Humanity is currently evolving into a higher consciousness. you create your reality by what you say and do: the neergy of your actions ripples through the universe, drawing similar energy.

If you are loving and kind, you will draw loving and kind people, and good, positive situations.

The opposite is true for bad people: they draw bad actions, bad people around them.

This is a universal truth I know is true.

Comment by Dave

Makes sense, Dave. The current Best Seller book and dvd “The Secret” says exactly that with the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

Comment by Michael

Having come this gradually over the last few years, (including The Secret, but also other sources), a great book which pulls together all the scientific research that support – or rather proves – your text, is in “The Field” by Lynn McTaggart. I myself spontaneously thought of a visualisation of what I would like to do is to tap into a golden wealth energy field encompassing the planet and channel it to people on earth – now I realise this is actualy not far off the reality!

Comment by Marcus Soyke-Matthews

Thanks for information.
many interesting things

Comment by celpjefscycle

Interesting website, Will come back again=)

Comment by Sizfaiftfakly

Thank you for sharing this information. Yes everything is Energy but it must be understood exactly what all energies are, time, mass, space, plasma, light, life, thought, every known or unknown form of energy ever conceived, they are all information, grains of information that interact, transmute, expand, constrict, but always build upon themselves, expanding out in all realities. These energies all follow simple underlying constraints, firstly they are all based on pure dichotomies, and the very nature of realities are always what lies between, secondly energy is in a state of evolution, its constitution needs to ultimately transubstantiate into ever more complex forms of information, thirdly all knowledge is connected, a single ocean of unity

Comment by Navid

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Comment by DreanceMurn

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