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How about a Symbol for Free Thinking-Open Ended Philosophy !

Symbol I Painting by DEFryer Copyright

   There are symbols everywhere we look and each one illicits either fear, reverence, politics or power. We have crosses and crescents, hammers and sickles, fists and fishes and many more.

It’s time for a Symbol that will represent something different to everyone who posesses it or a symbol to mean nothing at all.

Symbols of Choice and Freedom, if you will.

Here are a few choices of random nameless symbols brought to life in paint and canvas which were created for this noble cause.

Pick the one that resonates within you and let it represent whatever you wish or nothing at all. They were all assigned numbers instead of names to keep their philosophical integrity intact. Enjoy!

 Symbol II by DEFryer Copyright  

 Symbol III by DEFryer Copyright

Symbol IV by DEFryer Copyright

Symbol V by DEFryer Copyright

 Symbol VI by DEFryer Copyright

Symbol VII by DEFryer Copyright

All preceding images in this post are free for non-commercial use as long as Artist DEFryer is referenced in caption.


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Your symbol is very reminiscent of the symbol on our Fifth Love website. Let me know what you think. I can also give you permission to develop “the Symbol” with colors, based on the meaning my group gave it (If you want to). It hasn’t quite yet been developed in this regard. Right now it’s a totally clean black on white outline.

Comment by Michael

Thanks for your comment Michael. I like your symbol as well. Very unique and well thought out.

I prefer, though, that my symbols mean nothing at all to me other than Choice and Possibility for someone else and I couldn’t really project what your beautiful symbol should look like to you in color and texture? That should be a great project for you and since an artist invariably injects his/her energy into every artistic endeavor, once done, it will be all yours in every aspect. Good luck.

Comment by dfryer

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

You’re being silly…

Comment by Anonymous

hi every person,

I identified after previous months and I’m very excited much to commence participating. I are basically lurking for the last month but figured I would be joining and sign up.

I am from Spain so please forgave my speaking english

Comment by Romarez1tf

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