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Hobby Farming for Urban Beings
July 24, 2006, 9:22 pm
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Hobby Farm

   Well, it seems that the harried pace of city life is finally becoming untenable for more than just a few 21st century beings? After a few generations spent building up the cities and turning the once quiet suburbs into the ‘new cities on the outskirts of the cities’, the children of the original city/suburban dwellers are now starting to feel the pinch of overpopulation and lack of peaceful existence in their current living conditions.

They are longing, once again, for the simplicity of life in days gone by where small farms, small towns and quiet living were the norm. Neighbors lived ‘down the road’ instead of across the sidewalk. People also lived simpler and consumed less.

Hippies, Boomers and other 21st Century beings are beginning to realize that they don’t actually need a cable connection or a new cell phone or a high speed internet connection to truly enjoy life, especially since these things come with the price tag of a frenzied big city lifestyle, a lack of privacy and limited open spaces.

Hustle and bustle is out, personal space and tranquility are in.

Hobby farms are becoming popular as a way to live outside the realm of the urban kingdoms while also offering the prospect of generating an income from the land as our forefathers once did. They are much smaller acreage lots compared to the working or industrial farms but still allow for country living complete with an old farmhouse and barn. They even qualify for a special tax status if they earn less than a pre-determined amount of income per year.

Hobby Farms offer tranquility, privacy and a way to reconnect with the land and nature. It’s a dream come true for bird lovers, artists, horticulturists, philosophers, dreamers and the occasional hermit as well.

All manner of beast and greenery can be raised or grown on a hobby farm just like a regular farm and the success or failure of any such venture would depend on the usual market demands for any product or commodity. Just a few examples of income generating ideas would be livestock, pets, herbs for restaurants, vegetables and fruit for the farmers market or restaurant, worms for bait shops, pond raised catfish, mushrooms and a myriad of other products I can’t think of at the moment.

Some great advice on planet friendly gardening can be found at Earth Friendly Gardening and some great insight to daily life on a farm can be found via podcast at Geek Farm Life.

Another perk of hobby farming is being able to get off the grid and become as self sufficient as possible after years of enduring utility companies and never ending rate hikes. There are natural resources available to all of us for free if we are willing to invest some money and effort to collect them. Rain water is one free resource available to any hobby farmer as well as Sunlight and Wind.

When the time is right, this could be a viable and necessary alternative for the overstressed and under-inspired city dwelling being who longs for open spaces, quiet evenings and a way to feel human again instead of just an advertising click through statistic.

Take a drive beyond the far reaches of our urban universe sometime and if you like what see you may just be the next hobby farmer?

Also see: FREE Water! FREE Water! PART II 

Here are a few links to whet your appetite on the subject :

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