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Of Energy and Ghosts


When we use the term ‘ghost’ we envision misty white, floating, astral projections of once living human beings. We ’see’ them with our eyes and sometimes ‘feel’ them with our nerve endings as cold spots in a room.

Question: If we had no human stereoscopic sight and no sense of hot and cold would ghosts exist in our consciousness, even as a concept?

Where do they fit into our reality as Energy beings? 

If we don’t ’see’ them are they there? If we don’t hear the bump in the night can we still insist that they are real? If we walk through a cold spot blindfolded, is it a ghost or an upwelling of cold air from some geological feature beneath us?

I have heard some second hand accounts of ghost stories recently that are very thought provoking, to say the least. These stories were told to me by people who had just spoken to the family of the deceased or actual observer with no intention of sensationalizing their account of the incident whatsoever. I’m not out to prove or disprove these accounts. I am really only interested in the ‘concept’ of ghosts as they pertain to universal energy and existence.

The first account involves the daughter of a terminally ill father who dies while his daughter is in the hospital giving birth. Her family does not want to tell her the bad news while she is in labor so they decide to wait until the daughter and new baby are resting comfortably from their strenuous ordeal. The Mother then works up the nerve and tells her daughter that she has some bad new for her; that her dad had just passed on earlier that morning while she was in labor. The daughter then smiles and tells her Mother that she, in fact, already knew and was ok with it. She said that her father was by the window outside the delivery room earlier and had told her that everything was going to go well with the delivery and that the baby and she would be fine. As he was terminally ill at that time she knew then that he had passed on and was using his last moments here to comfort her before he left. They both got to say goodbye and it made his passing much more bearable for all those he left behind.

Another account is that of a father who was very angry at his daughter for getting involved with a man whom he did not approve of and in fact, disliked intensely. The daughter was kicked out of the house for her decision to stay with this man and therefore had to bear the heavy load in her heart of her father’s disapproval. One day the daughter was in her apartment when she heard keys and looked on as the door opened suddenly. In through the door walked her father who was not only deceased but had unlocked the door with keys she didn’t know he had? The daughter, visibly shaken and shocked to see him, said ‘Dad, what are you doing here?! Her father then looked her in the eyes and said with an uncharacteristically kind smile “Everything is ok, honey”. He then walked out the door and vanished. It was as if he knew the weight of her heavy heart and needed to ease her pain before moving on?

These are the accounts of regular people with no ties to popular media and no reason to fabricate anything. Just a simple account of a simple incident in their lives in which their loved ones took the time to comfort them from beyond human existence.

In our world of energy, where we don’t have eyes, noses, ears or meaty brains we would postulate this kind of experience to be a transfer of energy through the molecular soup and would beg the question; is death just a transformation of energy from one form to another but all within the same construct, or in human terms, universe? If death is simply a quick switch to ’something else’ within the confines of our molecular bowl of soup then we are living with ‘dead’ people every day. The fact that we can’t understand what death is would make this a pretty scary experience for some? For others it is an opportunity or possibility to investigate the unknown.

How do we SEE ghosts? If a ghost isn’t there yet we see it, what are we using to ’see’? What sensory ability are we now able to employ to see things ‘that aren’t there’ that we weren’t able to use before? We know that our minds dictate ‘what‘ we ‘see‘ because all the nerve bundles lead to the meaty brain within which our ‘minds’ reside (in one form or another – but that’s another article).

We ‘See’ people in our dreams (eyes closed)

We ‘See’ people while in surgery and under anesthesia (eyes closed).

We ‘See’ people in our imaginations and day dreams (eyes open).

Could it be that there is a part of our consciousness that can never be Unconscious or unaware? A part of us that can never stop ‘seeing’?

If we can ’see’ with our eyes closed then we might be able to selectively ’see’ other energy forms if we need or want to badly enough? Perhaps the fathers in the previous accounts needed to briefly share the time space of their daughters, with whom they are universally connected, in order to bring some sort of equilibrium to both of their life force energies? Perhaps once the shell of humanity, temporarily housing our true energy ’selves’, has been shed we are then able to overcome our time/space constraints and move about with a new universal purpose, and as ‘beings’ of the universe or beings of ‘everything’. Could it be that our present animal senses and brainpower just aren’t enough yet to comprehend the universe as it is, like a fish explaining water or a fly explaining flight.

Could it be that our ghosts are simply fellow energy beings in another form, or possibly ringing at higher/lower vibration, moving through our same time space and what we ’see’ of them is their energy form signature the way they once appeared when they shared our present time/space?

This is a subject definitely worth exploring further, which I will certainly entertain at some future time.

Until that time Eustis…until that time


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