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Life Force, what is it anyway?
August 17, 2009, 7:48 pm
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What is a life force?

What is the difference between a life force and a soul?

Could there be such a thing as a place holder or vessel where every ‘being’ stores its life force or could the life force be a naturally occurring energy body that is attracted to every instance of a particular molecular arrangement capable of sustaining it; a sort of juxtaposition of molecular arrangements and life force with the two being separate but equal for a time?

In Energy being terms, we would assume that a life force is a temporary appendage to our existence just as death naturally follows life and our energy is redistributed to the universe.

Human beings and religions tend to think that a life force (or soul) is reserved for so-called ‘higher life forms’ and if it exists in anything else then it must be expendable or inconsequential in terms of life and death and after-life opportunities. Our Life force is the mechanism that allows for purposeful articulation of limbs and joints as well as thought and reasoning in every living being. A plant articulates its outer appendages and internal mechanisms to move nutrients through its stem, leaves and roots. It ‘knows’ when the sun is shining and its direction relative to its earthly position. When it is deprived of light and/or nutrients by means of drought, encroachment by a larger plant or being cut down it ceases to articulate and once it’s shriveled and dried up it can never process sunlight again. Do plants possess a life force?

When a bug is squashed it can never articulate its wings or legs or body again. In every case the life force leaves the vessel and moves on to other duties in the universe. Can we actually surmise that the life force ‘dies’ or disappears into a void somewhere outside of our imaginations? When at atomic bomb is detonated does the energy it creates, ‘die’ or simply dissipate into a world of nothingness or is it recycled into an already energy rich universe?

Then there is the subject of the soul. Is our ‘soul’ the same thing as our ‘life force’? The human concept of a soul appears to be the equivalent of a place holder or keeper of our life force that we require in order to move about in our existence? Is our life force responsible for channeling the electrical energy used by our brains to articulate our movements, and process our thoughts? Is it the storage battery for our meaty body machines or is it the source of our electrical energy? Since we don’t generate our own electrical energy and we don’t carry around generators of any type, the energy that we use to process all life functions has to be all around us, everywhere, all encompassing. The energy and life force may be ‘one’ and the same and utilized by everything’ everywhere. When we ‘die’ do our individual electrons and atomic structures get smashed into oblivion by some unseen process? I think not, or our deaths would be immediately followed by an atomic explosion and it wouldn’t take many of these ‘deaths’ to make all life extinct in a hurry.

Religion tells us that our souls are ‘sent’ somewhere to be judged when we cease to function as earth beings but, if our life force energy source comes from everything and everywhere in the first place then, where would it actually go? Would it not already be there? Souls are attributed only to human beings (in most religions) and a few of the animal beings that serve us but are not attributed to all living beings because it might upset the human-rules-beast paradigm that was constructed once the big animal beings, that once hunted us, died out – leaving us boss. I’m sure that all major predators feel the exact same way when they rule their local environment. It is a fact of nature that any animal out of its element is prone to danger and a vulnerable species. That is the way of nature and maybe one of the main reasons that human beings dominate other beings so harshly and totally discount their roles in the universal paradigm.

So, after all the discussions have taken place, the question is still begging for an answer; is our life force the same as our soul? Are we powered by our life force, or energized by the universe with our souls (or life force) acting as a conduit for the unseen universal energy? Who really knows?

One thing is for sure, someday we will all know. It would be kind of nice to get the heads up beforehand, though? Just out of intellectual curiosity.


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