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Is the Earth ‘trying’ to Eradicate us?


Is earth’s Geology and natural evolutionary processes trying to eradicate us, along with all of our fellow life forms? Do we stand a chance?

As everyone knows, geologic time moves much more slowly than the time scale we use in our fleeting human life spans. We marvel at the brief life spans of flies and insects, some measured in just days, but most fail to realize that in terms of earth geological timelines, we are the flies. In fact, we may not even be noticed as inhabitants of the earth by our geological counterparts? No matter how hard we try, how far we drill, how much we dig and scrape or how much we pollute it, the earth just keeps right on changing and arranging, unimpeded by man or beast. Volcanoes, tectonic plate movements, earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes; all part of the grand scheme of our earth to reinvent itself and re-sculpt it’s features, as the molten magma at it’s core just keeps flowing, day in – day out, like a huge steel mill, melting and crushing and forging all the elements around it.

Could this be the function of a living planet in our universe? To wipe itself clean in anticipation of the next iteration of life until its life span is over?

Scientists date the formation of the earth back to 4.6 Billion years ago. The first human beings arrived approximately 2.5 Million years ago. So, if you’re counting, that would be ( 4.6 billion – 2.5 million = ) four billion five hundred ninety-seven million five hundred thousand years that the earth was inhabited by non-human life forms.

Some of these ancient life forms can now be found as fossils, embedded in sedimentary rocks and carbon dated back millions of years. Interestingly enough, as proof of our imminent demise, fossils of ancient sea life and sea floors existing millions of years before us can now be found at the highest peaks in the world. Sea beds from ancient oceans thrust upward to form the tops of modern mountain ranges. That’s geology at work, creating one thing while destroying another (e.g. nature’s way). Our tectonic plates simply move about the earth, like huge islands of rock floating on a sea of magma, until they run into something. That’s when they begin their work, grinding either over or under the neighboring plate, heaving up the earth ahead of it into mountain ranges and grinding the old plate under its massive weight to be recycled into the waiting magma, life forms and all. Nothing is spared and nothing is wasted. It’s a perfect system of give and take.

This will be the future of all life forms on our planet ,until the planet itself cools and its geologic life processes cease to function, thus transforming itself into a dead world unable to sustain life of any description. Just cold rock hurtling through space along with all the other cold rocks.

So, the question remains, is our earth trying to eradicate us? Probably not intentionally, but more so, as a consequence of its own life processes, similar to the process of killing bacteria when be bathe ourselves? It’s all just natural and a point to ponder when thinking too far out of the box regarding humanity and it’s importance to the planet and our universe. Everything comes, everything goes. The universe goes on ashes to ashes, dust to dust, magma to rock.


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