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On Personal Development
March 29, 2010, 6:43 pm
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To me, the advent of the Personal Development field is absolutely the greatest thing to hit the humanist scene since the concept of Free Will. Here’s why …

One day you’re sitting in your office cube, or in the middle of digging your last ditch of the day when a little light suddenly flicks on in your mind, illuminating the words ‘DEAD END’ (or ‘LOSER’ which is not a nice thing to call yourself, but more on that at a later date). Well, this little light is actually you telling yourself that you’ve made some wrong choices somewhere along the road of life and now is the time to make some better informed decisions concerning your life’s direction. It’s an epiphany that’s long overdue. It’s also a gift since you now know that something has gone terribly wrong and all you need to do now is find out where, when and how it happened and how you can fix it.

This is the self discovery phase when you begin to examine your current mindset and find out how it has led you to this present reality. Many have had this epiphany as they were toiling away one day in a dirty, noisy factory or languishing in an office cubicle at a dead end job. This moment of self truth is a very powerful motivating tool for turning a life of self imposed mediocrity into a self fulfilling life experience. It can keep on working for us too, as long as we keep it fresh in our minds and guard it jealously from errant negativity (our own thoughts). This initial experience can also be very daunting as well as we suddenly see our mistakes amplified and focused upon in our minds. It can shock us into a depression or even make us angry at ourselves for being so blind to our previous errors in judgment. Instead of hating ourselves though, for getting into this mess in the first place or getting depressed about the impending doom ahead, there is a path that we can all take to effect the change of lifestyle which has now become both imminent and imperative? This path would lead straight to the field of Personal Development.

Personal development shows us that when it comes time to make drastic changes in our lives, the first logical place to start is by looking inward to our own cause and effect paradigm. It also provides a list of questions to ask ourselves and makes our introspection a more positive and fruitful endeavor rather than a self loathing and self deprecating experience. The list of questions one can ask themselves is endless and as customizable as any program ever implemented as the choices are as boundless as our imaginations and just as powerful.

It illuminates a reality that is self driven and self guided. It also enlightens us to our past foibles and future pitfalls. As it turns out, we were not meant to follow the paths of others as these paths often lead to mediocrity and wasted lives. We were meant to step out of line and carve our own destinies using our minds and our thoughts as road maps and compasses for our own life adventures. We can see the results of these types of thoughts and actions every day if we open our eyes and pay attention. Think about how many ex-Generals or ex-Colonels from the military who are sitting in a cubicle in your office or working on the production line at the factory? How many business moguls do you know of that have worked the same job for the last twenty years? How many owners of successful businesses do you know that have worked beside you for any extended period of time within the last ten or twenty years?

The common thread among them appears to be a matter of mindset and the ability to construct and shape their own destinies. Anyone who has personally experienced the self discovery phase knows that gaining control of thoughts and actions is the first and most arduous step in the process towards a new self guided destiny. It’s a matter of watching what you say and think, and learning to see our world from the new perspective of an enlightened being. Personal development is the key to a healthy happy life experience and is definitely here to stay. If we all make use of our own powers of self-persuasion and self guided destiny the world will be a much nicer place to be. Next time ‘Self talk’ will be examined as it is the key to convincing ourselves of our own inherent powers.


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