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About the Singularity … I WAS THERE

Did it happen? How many times did it happen?

The Pope didn’t want Stephen Hawkings to investigate it.

Cosmology is based on it’s occurrence.

Arguably, the theoretical ‘Big Bang’ Singularity is the single most important event in the history of our Universe!

Wel, I’m here to tell ya that it did happen and I was there to document it.

[Don’t look at me funny or call me ‘strange’ because in one form or another we were all there].

Here it is in case you missed it ;

Click to play. Let the little hand with the pointing index finger be your guide for this never before witnessed event in the history of our Universe.

(For best results click on the very center of the singularity)

Singularity by DEFryer Copyright - Free for Non-Commercial Use if Artist (DEFryer) is credited


How about a Symbol for Free Thinking-Open Ended Philosophy !

Symbol I Painting by DEFryer Copyright

   There are symbols everywhere we look and each one illicits either fear, reverence, politics or power. We have crosses and crescents, hammers and sickles, fists and fishes and many more.

It’s time for a Symbol that will represent something different to everyone who posesses it or a symbol to mean nothing at all.

Symbols of Choice and Freedom, if you will.

Here are a few choices of random nameless symbols brought to life in paint and canvas which were created for this noble cause.

Pick the one that resonates within you and let it represent whatever you wish or nothing at all. They were all assigned numbers instead of names to keep their philosophical integrity intact. Enjoy!

 Symbol II by DEFryer Copyright  

 Symbol III by DEFryer Copyright

Symbol IV by DEFryer Copyright

Symbol V by DEFryer Copyright

 Symbol VI by DEFryer Copyright

Symbol VII by DEFryer Copyright

All preceding images in this post are free for non-commercial use as long as Artist DEFryer is referenced in caption.

Everything is Energy ; Energy is Everything !

  Energy flows eternally throughout our universe and is boundless beyond our imaginations as mere terrestrial beings.

As human beings we construct electromechanical devices (microchips and circuit boards) to regulate the flow of energy through electronic devices but still most refuse to believe that Universal energy exists. We physically contain energy in batteries and power plants by means of converting one form of energy into another more immediately useful form, yet still refuse to admit that the same energy that powers our technologies is flowing within all of us every moment of every day. Some refuse to believe because their religion considers Universal energy to be heresy or the whispers of the devil since energy has no form worthy of a deity? The pragmatic types see energy as a fantasy substance used by hippies to think about when they get high. They view it only as a power source for their laptops, cell phones and wide screen TV’s.

Our brains and hearts operate on electrical energy input as do our nervous systems and every other function of our body. It’s what makes our arms move and our eyes blink and our brains function. We use the term ‘take some time off to recharge your batteries’ yet we don’t connect the dots and realize that it is a true statement of fact as beings of this universe. Energy is everywhere, in everything and necessary to what we call ‘life’. When someone is ‘run down’ from expending too much energy they need to sit calmly without expending energy and reclaim the energy they lost before they can go on.

It’s just not cool or pragmatic for some human beings to envision our universe as a molecular soup with energy flowing throughout each of us, being exchanged by each of us then converted by each of us, as a means of locomotion through our universe. If our eye’s weren’t so primitive we might see things as they really are and we could then concentrate on our ‘energy selves’ instead of the primitive beings we see when using our primitive senses?

One day we may realize that our earth, our sun and the galaxy we live in as well as every other galaxy in our physical universe will someday be recycled by the same forces that created our primitive carbon selves in the first place. As energy beings we can and will live on forever in the formation of a new universe and in a new form of energy where our understanding will be limited only by the senses we develop to ‘see’ who we are and where we are.

Meditation is a great way to focus on our ‘energy beings’ as we have our eyes closed to shut off our primitive sense of sight and can therefore concentrate on ‘brain sight’ and the energy of our thoughts. When we can let go of the beast within we can ‘see’ our universe as it really is and with enough repetition and training we may be able to ‘see’ despite our primitive senses?

I have some great meditation music and guided meditations from Dragon Rising Publishing that I use nightly to regain some inner peace and control over stress and everyday life.

Try it out and enjoy your own journey through our world of energy.

Everything is Energy PART II

Wilderness and the Human Soul


    Most people raised in major metropolitan areas seem to have an ominous view and definition of wilderness as being a place of desolate, forbidding wasteland where cell phones won’t work, computers can’t find power or a wi-fi link and technology as a whole, along with the 21st century, appear to come to a screeching halt. They figure that if they dare to enter the wasteland, the only outcome imagineable is imminent peril and impending doom. On a planet where every continent and previously unknown island has been charted and mapped by an orbiting satellite and almost every forest and jungle has been explored, a lot of people just don’t feel comfortable anymore around nature and trees and animals and open vistas. They yearn for the solice of concrete underfoot and solid structures to run back and forth between during their busy urban days. They only feel safe and comfortable within the best urban cocoon their money can buy.

The wilderness has beasts and bugs and wild waters and lots of dirt and weather and danger. The beasts can sometimes be unbehaved and uncivilized towards human beings and the weather doesn’t wait for a weatherman’s forecast. Nothing is predictable nor subservient to our will, Mother Nature makes all the rules and your life depends on just how well you follow them while you are within her realm.

I, myself, have been in the wilderness more times than I have fingers and toes and can attest to the fact that it is the last place on earth that a human being can really feel like a being of the planet. The term ‘being‘ is significant because in the wilderness there is no distinction between human ‘being’ and animal ‘being’. Every bug is a being. Every fish is a being as well. All beings coexist in Mother nature’s realm as equals and the only master is the Mother herself. It’s a very humbling experience for a ‘master of the planet’ human being to enter the wilderness as a participant in the food chain and endure everything that nature can muster. It’s also the most strengthening endeavor that a human being can experience because he or she soon realizes that ‘this is how it all began’. This is what it’s like to be off-the-grid.

We were once in touch with nature and dependent on it’s bounty before we pretended to conquer it. A human being alone in nature will almost surely be humbled and grateful to have survived once they have endured and experienced the most level of playing fields. It is the ultimate back to cave man experience if you just open your mind and let your soul experience the freedom to be found in the boundless skies and endless horizons. Meditation in a wild place is so easy it’s almost involuntary as you become one with nature and submit to it’s awesome power and deafening silence.


As this blog progresses I will also be sharing some personal experiences and insights along the way in hopes of enlightening a few of the souls trapped in concrete and electrical wire. Please do come again. Happy trails…

Let’s Hear it for the Hippies !


Let’s hear it for the Hippies !! Beings of the 60’s; Their legacy is still with us today

Hippies are people too. They are usually defined as someone, esp. of the late 1960s, who rejects the established values of contemporary society, and who demonstrates that rejection through unconventional dress and behavior, and by advocating pacifism and communal living. Other adjectives usually include Flower Child and Non-Conformist. They also are known for ushering in the movement towards being environmentally firendly, being healthful and mindful of our place in the evolution of our planet. By the way, lots of scientists could be considered hippes if they try to educate world governments on the effects of global warming or extinction of species.

Nowadays, the hippie (or hippy) moniker is attributed to anyone who:

Prefers the verdant outdoors with wildlife and wind to indoor office cubicals and recycled air.

Wears jean shorts and a t-shirt and goes barefoot in the grass in their own backyards

Prefers real food to processed (fast) food.

Prefers whole/natural foods to pesticide sprayed foods whenever available.

Watches the Food Network and screams at the tv set “That’s too much butter!”

Prefers green, living fences to chain link fences.

Prefers sustainable living in a smaller home and neighborhood to a neighborhood full of Starter Castles/McMansions.

Prefers Earth Homes and self-sustaining energy efficient homes to corporate energy slave homes.

Uses meditation techniques in conjunction with New age, meditation music for deep relaxation or personal development.

Practices recycling and conservation of renewable resources.

Practices Yoga or TaiChi on a regular basis.

Is informed about and/or uses solar lighting wherever practical and solar panel energy when available and affordable.

Views our visible world as just a smaller part of a larger Universe.

Ponders the possibility that everything in our Universe is connected in a pool of recirculating boundless energy.

Hippies are also determined, but patient -Asya 7/15/06 (thank you)

(I’m sure you can add a line or two to this list)

Hippies also resurrected the idea of communal living known in the 60’s as ‘Communes’. This Utopian back to nature-self sufficiency movement harkens back to an earlier time when people lived in small settlements and depended on everyone’s contribution to the collective unit. Ideally, everyone is considered to be an equal contributor to the society. I found a very good article on Commune living that is a first hand account and a must read for anyone interested in the subject.

They also gave us co-ops, a centralized collective of food and goods that were shared amongst all of the contributors. It’s an idea that seems to have waned a bit but it’s still with us to some extent in the form of food pantries and farm co-ops. A very good idea and one that deserves a major resurrection in my opinion.

 As time goes on I’ll be adding more to the hippie legacy and expounding on their contributions to our society.

Some of the topics we will discuss are :

Hippie living quarters [Available self sustaining home technologies, Solar powered everything, energy efficient homes]

Hippie landscaping [Zen yard/garden designs, green screens, rain water systems, viewer examples]

Hippie recycling [Waste material reuse, reducing waste]

Hippie eating habits [homemade gourmet food, whole foods, nutrition]

Hippie here-after [meditation, metaphysics, philosophy]

Being; A Start , A Definition …

Being - Painting by DEFryer Copyright

  Syllables:    be-ing
 Part of Speech   noun
  Pronunciation   bi Ing
   Definition 1. the state or fact of living or existing.
   Synonyms   life (5) , existence (1) , entity (2) , actuality (1)
   Crossref. Syn.   living , life
   Similar Words   reality , living , animateness {animate (adj)} , fact , presence , subsistence
   Definition 2. any living creature.
   Synonyms   creature (1)
   Crossref. Syn.   animal , life
   Similar Words   human , earthling , the living {living} , soul , mortal , individual , man , person ,

animal , beast , life
   Definition 3. essential or fundamental character; whole self.
   Synonyms   spirit (4) , core (2) , soul (3) , nature (1)
   Crossref. Syn.   psyche
   Similar Words   quiddity , essence , substance , psyche
  Related Words   identity , thing , party , organism

Noticeable in the definition are the words – ‘human’, ‘animal’, ‘any living creature’, ‘essence’.

This is a great starting point towards being a good terrestrial citizen.

Recycled Solar Light, broken ground stake
July 17, 2006, 6:38 pm
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A Creative Alternative to Tossing Broken Solar Lights

I have a beautiful back yard (by my standards) and covered patio which my wife and I have renovated to provide a measure of privacy for reading and eating as well as some greenery to soften the cityscape around us. We have lots of solar lights which illuminate after dark and function as a landing strip for any creature that may get lost in the night. They are very pretty and don’t use a single watt of power line energy.

Recently, I discovered a way to recycle them when the ground spike, usually made of plastic, breaks off and can no longer be used to anchor the light in the ground.

Most people would throw the whole thing away but not us. I drilled four opposing holes in the cover and used twine to string them up on a shepherds hook. It looks very unique now and works just as well if not better than before. At least now I don’t have to worry about running them over with the lawn mower. Lokks kind of like a lighted parachute when it’s hung and when it’s really dark the light just hoversover the flagstone like a UFO.

Here are some pics to illustrate how the project turned out. Pretty well if you ask me!

Pic-1: Gnome on his own.


Pic-2: Solar Light Modified.

Modified Solar Lt

Pic-3: Solar light strung up on Shepherd’s Hook before the evening magic.

Gnome and Unlit Solar Lt

Pic-4: Viola! Night falls and the gnome is illuminated by a salvaged solar light.

Gnome and Lit Solar Lt