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Life Force, what is it anyway?
August 17, 2009, 7:48 pm
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What is a life force?

What is the difference between a life force and a soul?

Could there be such a thing as a place holder or vessel where every ‘being’ stores its life force or could the life force be a naturally occurring energy body that is attracted to every instance of a particular molecular arrangement capable of sustaining it; a sort of juxtaposition of molecular arrangements and life force with the two being separate but equal for a time?

In Energy being terms, we would assume that a life force is a temporary appendage to our existence just as death naturally follows life and our energy is redistributed to the universe.

Human beings and religions tend to think that a life force (or soul) is reserved for so-called ‘higher life forms’ and if it exists in anything else then it must be expendable or inconsequential in terms of life and death and after-life opportunities. Our Life force is the mechanism that allows for purposeful articulation of limbs and joints as well as thought and reasoning in every living being. A plant articulates its outer appendages and internal mechanisms to move nutrients through its stem, leaves and roots. It ‘knows’ when the sun is shining and its direction relative to its earthly position. When it is deprived of light and/or nutrients by means of drought, encroachment by a larger plant or being cut down it ceases to articulate and once it’s shriveled and dried up it can never process sunlight again. Do plants possess a life force?

When a bug is squashed it can never articulate its wings or legs or body again. In every case the life force leaves the vessel and moves on to other duties in the universe. Can we actually surmise that the life force ‘dies’ or disappears into a void somewhere outside of our imaginations? When at atomic bomb is detonated does the energy it creates, ‘die’ or simply dissipate into a world of nothingness or is it recycled into an already energy rich universe?

Then there is the subject of the soul. Is our ‘soul’ the same thing as our ‘life force’? The human concept of a soul appears to be the equivalent of a place holder or keeper of our life force that we require in order to move about in our existence? Is our life force responsible for channeling the electrical energy used by our brains to articulate our movements, and process our thoughts? Is it the storage battery for our meaty body machines or is it the source of our electrical energy? Since we don’t generate our own electrical energy and we don’t carry around generators of any type, the energy that we use to process all life functions has to be all around us, everywhere, all encompassing. The energy and life force may be ‘one’ and the same and utilized by everything’ everywhere. When we ‘die’ do our individual electrons and atomic structures get smashed into oblivion by some unseen process? I think not, or our deaths would be immediately followed by an atomic explosion and it wouldn’t take many of these ‘deaths’ to make all life extinct in a hurry.

Religion tells us that our souls are ‘sent’ somewhere to be judged when we cease to function as earth beings but, if our life force energy source comes from everything and everywhere in the first place then, where would it actually go? Would it not already be there? Souls are attributed only to human beings (in most religions) and a few of the animal beings that serve us but are not attributed to all living beings because it might upset the human-rules-beast paradigm that was constructed once the big animal beings, that once hunted us, died out – leaving us boss. I’m sure that all major predators feel the exact same way when they rule their local environment. It is a fact of nature that any animal out of its element is prone to danger and a vulnerable species. That is the way of nature and maybe one of the main reasons that human beings dominate other beings so harshly and totally discount their roles in the universal paradigm.

So, after all the discussions have taken place, the question is still begging for an answer; is our life force the same as our soul? Are we powered by our life force, or energized by the universe with our souls (or life force) acting as a conduit for the unseen universal energy? Who really knows?

One thing is for sure, someday we will all know. It would be kind of nice to get the heads up beforehand, though? Just out of intellectual curiosity.


Nothingness (revisited)


Nothingness or Everything-ness (oneness)? Human beings think if they can’t touch or feel something, hear or see something, or smell something – then it doesn’t exist. The box has nothing in it so it is empty, there is no box so there is ‘nothing’. When our bodies (vessels) expire we descend into nothingness? The flipside to this way of thinking (philosophy) would actually be the opposite of popular opinion, in fact. If one thinks about it long enough and examines the facts, one would realize that ‘nothingness’ could in in fact be ‘oneness’.

It’s not a new idea, I realize, except that it has been used before almost strictly in the context of religion, philosophy and that oxymoron of all oxymorons ‘religious philosophy’. I would pragmatically agree that in the context of universal beingship (no ism’s attached) nothingness would be the oneness with everything (everything-ness). In our sentient vessels we are detached from everything around us and cannot comprehend the existence of anything outside of our own thoughts without the interaction of our senses. Our animal senses are separated into individual sensations or functions thereby causing us to think that we are somehow ‘supposed to be’ separated from the fabric of our universe as individual beings, not thinking that the universe surrounds us all like water in a bathtub or like a ‘universe suit’ or energy soup. It touches our skin but we can’t ‘feel’ it, it is our unseen second skin yet we dismiss it as non-existent because our senses aren’t tuned to it’s frequencies and our minds can’t resolve the concept.

Our minds and senses are the only instruments we have to detect the universe but unless we train them to think outside the senses, we will remain completely blind to the obvious. A veritable brick wall standing directly in front of our faces. If evolution is kind to us and the rest of our fellow earth beings it will allow us to ultimately grow into our ‘universe suits’ and become extinct as meat puppets. Our senses can then combine into one energy sense and we will see everything as it is which, is everything all at once, as it really is all the time, forever and beyond.

On the subject of ‘death’. Death is a word feard by humans as the END of all things. The END of existence. We get hung up on endings and think that everything we know and love should go on forever when we really don’t ‘know’ what forever ‘is’ ? Is there possibly an eventual end to ‘forever’ like maybe, when we’re done with this universe? When we expire, our senses would really have no other place to go other than back to their origins which is ‘everything’. They (we) have no choice but to reconnect with the universe on an elemental energy level in the ‘end’?

Everything is Energy, Energy is Everything PART II
Energy Seeker painting by DEFryer

'Energy Seeker'

Question: What happens to energy beings when they no longer hold a place in our physical world?

Another question would be; why don’t they come back after they’ve left? To say Hi? To comfort family? To say goodbye to children who didn’t get to say goodbye ?

What happens when our energy selves are no longer occupying the same time-space that our physical selves once occupied?

When our physical bodies are no longer alive due to the absence of our energy/life force does our energy self go somewhere else, perhaps to a place now incomprehensible to physical sentient beings?

These are all questions that we should ask ourselves if we are to truly understand the difference between physical life and universal energy life? We can really only comprehend one side of the mystery as sentient beings but we can postulate answers if we try hard enough to comprehend a universal energy life. All we have at the moment though, are a lot of question marks, as in this article. When physical beings no longer occupy a physical vehicle in our world do they (we) simply disperse into the universe to a place, beyond which, our limited senses can even fathom? Do they become the energy that surrounds our every atom once they shed their physical senses which they once relied upon? Do they no longer see us?

Maybe they become part of an alternate reality and are therefore unable to pass back through the previous reality that no longer exists to them?

I wonder if we could begin to see the eventual, imminent reality awaiting us all if we just closed our eyes and plugged our ears and put a clothes pin on our nose (a comfortable one, of course)? When we shut off the sentient part of our being then all we can see is blackness. All we hear is muted silence and the sound of our bodies pumping blood through our brains. All we can smell is our own nostrils. We can see flashes of light, most likely a product of our retina, and a graininess that resembles a black and white picture taken with super high speed film. Lots of little specks of white light.

What is all this stuff we are left with when we turn of our animal senses and can it tell us anything about our future?

As energy beings we will no longer have meaty eyes or meaty ears or a prominent proboscus to guide us along, just the blackness that we see when we shut down the senses. Could it be that after we’ve gone, our heretofore unknown energy senses turn on automatically like a beacon in the night and if we look back to see where we were then we are no longer able to see or recognize the assemblages of atoms in the same way that we once did when we associated them with our fellow energy beings-trapped in sentient casings?

Maybe we just can’t feel anymore either since feeling is associated with nerve endings and brainwaves and meat?

When we no longer have a use for our physical senses what kind of thought will cross our energy minds and if we are all a part of the universal mind then we should, in theory be able to see ALL thoughts and know ALL that is to be known, including where in the universe our fellow energy beings are located with whom we once had an emotional energy bond?

There are a lot of maybes and what ifs when it comes to energy but the underlying theory still remains that we are all made of it and from it and will return to it.

For now though, we can only postulate and form fantastic theories about our energy selves but maybe, just maybe, one among us will someday be able to prove it? Won’t that be a great day in the universal neighborhood!

More later as I rest my thinking cap for now …..

The Human Philosophy of Earth and Non-Human Life

Wildlife in the wild 

Seems there is a paradox concerning the human quest to be good citizens of the planet and our treatment of the non-human citizens of our planet?

Human beings, over the ages, have adopted religion and philosophy in an attempt to be ‘good’ people and more recently have also adopted an environmental protection attitude, striving to be the protectors of our one and only planet before we can tear it’s eco-systems to shreds, thus undermining our tenuous hold on human existence. Some claim to be liberal, some claim to be holy. Some simply claim to be concerned citizens and environmentally focused but there is a contradiction here that can’t be easily dismissed. What about the rest of the citizens of our one and only planet? The beings we refer to as ‘Animals’. They have been largely left out of the Big (human) Picture as human beings see it and are largely thought of as third class citizens (we reserve the ‘second class’ moniker to refer to our human under classes). In effect, and in reality, the ‘Animals’ have become commodities, much like corn, wheat, soybeans and all the other commodities we buy, sell and trade on the open market.

I say this is a contradiction because when we claim to be good citizens of the planet or any of the above descriptions, we are leaving out the fact that we share the planet with other citizens who are largely defenseless to our many assaults upon them and whom we view and treat as just so much currency or potential currency. How can we claim to be good citizens of our planet if we continue to view our animal citizens (beings) as lesser or beneath humanity?

This thought came to me the other day when I drove by a ‘puppy store’ and I thought to myself ‘a puppy STORE?’ Since when did puppies become a commodity, to be bought and sold on the open market; just walk right in an buy a puppy? This is, of course, accepted practice and I shouldn’t have been shocked by it, if it weren’t for the sudden realization. I’ve driven by the same place for 20 years now. Then it hit me, human beings treat every animal ‘being’ like a commodity, from the largest Elephant and Blue Whale to the tiniest shrew or kiwi. Everything on our planet can be bought or sold, except for human beings. The line seems to be drawn there.

There are stores to buy any animal being on our planet as it turns out? Our Zoos purchase wild beasts from exotic places everyday. The beasts are simply living somewhere one day and procured the next by a human being wanting it to be caged somewhere else besides the wild place it really belongs. We corral the wild beasts into smaller and smaller areas of ‘our’ countries then lament that the animals are encroaching on our fields or properties with their ‘wild’ ways. They are shot, trapped, electrocuted, beaten, starved, poisoned. They are eaten or fed to other animals at our whim and priced by the pound for connoisseurs and ‘wildlife’ institutions. We are now at the point of having to protect them from us. What is the driving force behind this ‘idea’ that human beings (human animals) are superior to all other animals and their existence is subject to our discretion dependent upon their relative worth from our perspective? From whence did this ‘idea’ evolve? Where did this arrogance originate and how is it being propagated still?

Religious Philosophy; an Oxymoron?


Today, I Googled the definition of ‘philosophy’ which yielded the strangest results, from a philosophical perspective. Among them, three definitions stood out above all the rest.

They are as follows :

doctrine: a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school

the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics

The term philosophy derives from a combination of the Greek words philos meaning love and sophia meaning wisdom.

I then decided to look up the definition of religion, which yielded the following results;

a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny.

generally a belief in a deity and practice of worship, action, and/or thought related to that deity. Loosely, any specific system of code of ethics, values, and belief.

It struck me as being very strange, or odd, that the terms ‘doctrine’, ‘rational investigation’ and ‘love of wisdom’ could all be used together to define a common word like philosophy?

When we think of philosophy, we think of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Sartre and many others throughout history burning the midnight oil, postulating the meaning of life and existence, as it pertained to our universe and our place in it. They pondered the role that our ‘animal senses’ play in our view of the universe, as sentient beings, and whether or not we actually even ‘exist’ in the first place or whether we were simply ‘viewing’ a sort of vision projected by our minds which was being interpreted as our ‘existence‘? They pondered a lot, postulated and conjectured about everything they saw, felt, smelled and heard. They also pondered good and evil and human morality. Still, the main point to all of it was to keep the discussion and exploration an open ended and boundless (without borders) theoretical system. To keep the discussion open, as it were, until a final answer emerged.

Then came ‘religion‘.

Religion took bits and pieces of all the open ended philosophies, of all the great thinkers throught history, put them in a box, closed the lid and called it a doctrine (name of their choosing). They constructed tenets and moral guidelines, claiming absolute knowledge, without proof, of the existence of the ultimate deity and after life destination and how we were to conduct ourselves in order to reach this specific after-life to the exclusion of all unbelievers. They enforced their doctrine by force, intimidation and fear mongering. They basically came along one day and ordered an end to the discussion.

While Philosophers spoke of postulations and possibilities, the religions spoke of absolutes and consequences.

At some point the two, now separate, teachings had become divergent to the point of becoming polar opposites, from a literal standpoint, but yet somehow still maintain the same definition in our languages?

If someone is being ‘philosophical’ on an issue is he thinking of all the rules he must obey or is he expanding his possibilities?

Is Transcendentalism or Existentialism the same thing as Judaism or Christianity?

The latter two profess Answers, Gods, Consequences and Rules and are therefore considered ‘doctrines‘ by philosophers but philosophies by ‘believers‘.

At some point the issue needs to be clarified and definitions decided upon, lest the two be linked together forever as an eternal oxymoron leading to confusion and deception.

The box is either ‘open’ (philosophy) or it is ‘closed’ (doctrine). The two practices, in literal terms, cannot exist in the same placeholder as the same thing.

Or can they?

Right Here, Right Now You Have Arrived


At this very moment, in your ever changing googolplex of past, present and future moments, and at the very time of this reading you have now officially arrived at the exact point (or instance) in the universe that you have worked so hard to get to.

You may not like it or you may choose to deny it but at this very moment you are exactly where you should be according to the course you set and the thoughts and actions you chose to implement a long time ago (or maybe just yesterday). It’s strictly a cause and effect paradigm that we all fall into without thinking or even noticing. As our speck of dust planet hurtles and spins through the cosmos toward the edge of our known universe, our physical place is ever changing but our thoughts and actions still determine where we are in our little motion picture type existence we call reality.

Our thoughts influence our actions and our actions determine where we go, who we meet, how we get there and what we do once we’ve arrived. Whether we like what we’ve done or not can only be realized after the fact and can be either astonishing or disturbing. If we like what we see when we get here we can congratulate ourselves on making the right moves and strive for a loftier goal. If we don’t like what we’ve done so far then it’s time to look inward, listen to our thoughts, analyze our actions, then formulate a plan of attack against the negative thoughts and energies that are, as we speak, steering us away from our ideal conscious destiny.

We all carry baggage from our days of youthful ignorance when, as fresh vessels, we innocently allowed the thoughts and actions of others to burn into our (sub)consciousness, our belief systems and opinions of ourselves that truly had no bearing on our own personal realities. Unless you were one of the rare children who were ‘their own person’ at a young age [and there actually are a few of them] then you were rife for influence and most likely took away from childhood more than a few opinions and beliefs ‘not of your own’. Do you think you’re fat? Stupid? Ugly? Unimportant? Not good at (whatever)? Not as good as (whoever)?

Well, if any of the aforementioned descriptions fit then the good news is (in the popular vernacular) “You ‘aint to blame for this crap [swill, garbagio, head junk etc]. Someone else [i.e. other that you] fed you this nonsense right along with your physical nourishment and the only mistake [as in mis-take, not a bad thing] you made was to let it into your head as fact. We all have more mind trash neatly tucked away and securely stored in our heads [minds] than any race of being needs to destroy itself and we all require some form of leverage in order to access it, shred it, burn it, purge it then ship it away to some soon-to-be-forgotten hell hole that can never be rediscovered by man nor beast. Mind you, this isn’t the scientific or academic spin on the issue, it’s the emotional version and since emotion is what stirs the human soul it is probably the more efficient way of eliciting a very personal call to action.

I can relate to you a personal account in which this power of emotion once stirred me to a call to action in order to save the quality of my life. It went a little something like this; One day I was working at a dead end job (as most jobs are) as a draftsman. I didn’t make much money and my expenses far outpaced my hourly pay. I also was a smoker; 2 packs a day minimum for twenty years. I had a smoker’s cough and not enough money to go out to dinner with my wife [on a weekend even after payday]. Well, as fate would have it, one day I was watching a TV news magazine show and a segment came on chronicling the lives of the tobacco moguls and their families. It described, in great detail, how the Morris and Reynolds tobacco families were rich beyond normal understanding and how their children’s grandchildren (and beyond) would never have to work a day in their lives with the fortunes their families had built for them. They owned villas throughout Europe, personal jets and a future guaranteed to be prosperous and carefree.

Well, about a week after watching the episode, as I was sitting at my desk smoking a cig, the realization suddenly hit me square in the gut. “This is unacceptable” I cursed to myself. “What the hell am I doing”?! All of their wealth, All of their quality of life, All of it was (is) built upon the graves and hospital beds and wasted futures of all the poor souls who had ever chosen to buy their poisonous products and all those who had wasted away their lives in ill health and poverty as they spent their last dollar on a pack of smokes to get them through the evening (of which I was one).

I became both incensed and self loathing as I finally realized (knew) what I had done to myself and what I was doing for them and to my family. I then looked at the side of the cigarette pack which proudly stated the tobacco family’s name right alongside the ‘Caution, this product can cause cancer’ warning and that was the final straw, the emotion I needed to change my life forever. I would NOT make the ultra rich richer and I would not be another statistic in a cancer ward. The end result; not a single cigarette since and it’s been over twenty years. The power of emotion combined with understanding (knowledge) triumphs over belief systems (addiction). I also forgave myself for previously ill-informed choices then moved on.

The point of the matter being, I chose to smoke, I chose to continue coughing up a lung and spending my family’s future on poison, I chose to be where I was and I was exactly where I chose to be BUT when the reality of the situation finally caught a ride on the coat tails of my emotions I was able to transform a certain defeat into a life changing victory. I call it the power of Knowing [when your being is infused with certain knowledge that your mind can’t ignore and thus must act upon].

All sorts of life changing victories are possible for anyone who is willing to tap into their own inner power and resolve, and combine their emotions with their knowledge wherein they will transform their lives as they choose.

This is power, this is happiness, and this is life as it’s supposed to be. This is how we choose to live. The only way.

Of Energy and Ghosts


When we use the term ‘ghost’ we envision misty white, floating, astral projections of once living human beings. We ’see’ them with our eyes and sometimes ‘feel’ them with our nerve endings as cold spots in a room.

Question: If we had no human stereoscopic sight and no sense of hot and cold would ghosts exist in our consciousness, even as a concept?

Where do they fit into our reality as Energy beings? 

If we don’t ’see’ them are they there? If we don’t hear the bump in the night can we still insist that they are real? If we walk through a cold spot blindfolded, is it a ghost or an upwelling of cold air from some geological feature beneath us?

I have heard some second hand accounts of ghost stories recently that are very thought provoking, to say the least. These stories were told to me by people who had just spoken to the family of the deceased or actual observer with no intention of sensationalizing their account of the incident whatsoever. I’m not out to prove or disprove these accounts. I am really only interested in the ‘concept’ of ghosts as they pertain to universal energy and existence.

The first account involves the daughter of a terminally ill father who dies while his daughter is in the hospital giving birth. Her family does not want to tell her the bad news while she is in labor so they decide to wait until the daughter and new baby are resting comfortably from their strenuous ordeal. The Mother then works up the nerve and tells her daughter that she has some bad new for her; that her dad had just passed on earlier that morning while she was in labor. The daughter then smiles and tells her Mother that she, in fact, already knew and was ok with it. She said that her father was by the window outside the delivery room earlier and had told her that everything was going to go well with the delivery and that the baby and she would be fine. As he was terminally ill at that time she knew then that he had passed on and was using his last moments here to comfort her before he left. They both got to say goodbye and it made his passing much more bearable for all those he left behind.

Another account is that of a father who was very angry at his daughter for getting involved with a man whom he did not approve of and in fact, disliked intensely. The daughter was kicked out of the house for her decision to stay with this man and therefore had to bear the heavy load in her heart of her father’s disapproval. One day the daughter was in her apartment when she heard keys and looked on as the door opened suddenly. In through the door walked her father who was not only deceased but had unlocked the door with keys she didn’t know he had? The daughter, visibly shaken and shocked to see him, said ‘Dad, what are you doing here?! Her father then looked her in the eyes and said with an uncharacteristically kind smile “Everything is ok, honey”. He then walked out the door and vanished. It was as if he knew the weight of her heavy heart and needed to ease her pain before moving on?

These are the accounts of regular people with no ties to popular media and no reason to fabricate anything. Just a simple account of a simple incident in their lives in which their loved ones took the time to comfort them from beyond human existence.

In our world of energy, where we don’t have eyes, noses, ears or meaty brains we would postulate this kind of experience to be a transfer of energy through the molecular soup and would beg the question; is death just a transformation of energy from one form to another but all within the same construct, or in human terms, universe? If death is simply a quick switch to ’something else’ within the confines of our molecular bowl of soup then we are living with ‘dead’ people every day. The fact that we can’t understand what death is would make this a pretty scary experience for some? For others it is an opportunity or possibility to investigate the unknown.

How do we SEE ghosts? If a ghost isn’t there yet we see it, what are we using to ’see’? What sensory ability are we now able to employ to see things ‘that aren’t there’ that we weren’t able to use before? We know that our minds dictate ‘what‘ we ‘see‘ because all the nerve bundles lead to the meaty brain within which our ‘minds’ reside (in one form or another – but that’s another article).

We ‘See’ people in our dreams (eyes closed)

We ‘See’ people while in surgery and under anesthesia (eyes closed).

We ‘See’ people in our imaginations and day dreams (eyes open).

Could it be that there is a part of our consciousness that can never be Unconscious or unaware? A part of us that can never stop ‘seeing’?

If we can ’see’ with our eyes closed then we might be able to selectively ’see’ other energy forms if we need or want to badly enough? Perhaps the fathers in the previous accounts needed to briefly share the time space of their daughters, with whom they are universally connected, in order to bring some sort of equilibrium to both of their life force energies? Perhaps once the shell of humanity, temporarily housing our true energy ’selves’, has been shed we are then able to overcome our time/space constraints and move about with a new universal purpose, and as ‘beings’ of the universe or beings of ‘everything’. Could it be that our present animal senses and brainpower just aren’t enough yet to comprehend the universe as it is, like a fish explaining water or a fly explaining flight.

Could it be that our ghosts are simply fellow energy beings in another form, or possibly ringing at higher/lower vibration, moving through our same time space and what we ’see’ of them is their energy form signature the way they once appeared when they shared our present time/space?

This is a subject definitely worth exploring further, which I will certainly entertain at some future time.

Until that time Eustis…until that time